Standard Design Textures
Through 1,00,000 cbm, we provide most Accurate & Precise Standard boards which applies stars to our quality policies.
Product Consistency
Through and after manufacturing our boards are well known for its consistency in Thickness, Size and even Finishing.
Termite Borer Fungus Resistant
The world class resins in our particle board resulting our boards to be Termite & Fungus Resistance.
Best International Technology
We are having best international machinery.
Quality Double Check
Through the fully sensorized machinery and our seasoned team of Expertise gives 100% Quality Double Check.
Easy to Clean
Having stain, weak paints, Food materials fallen or spreaded on Pre-Laminated Particle Board can be Easily Cleaned with a dry cloth.
Scratch Resistant
A high quality paper applied on the boards gives a resistance for small Scratches & Grazes, generally easily noticed in laminates.
Fade Resistant Lamination
High quality imported paper which gives us ability stand against the fading properties of other wooden furniture.
Defect Free
We provide 100% quality resulting single defect free boards.
Eco Friendly
Our boards are made under the criteria of Pollution Control Board of India. Wooden chips and best resins provide Eco-Friendly boards.
Guaranteed Thickness
Our fully automatic and sensorized machinery and expertized team will give you the trust of 100% Thickness.
Best Dimensional Stability
Our dimension will give you the vast application field using our particle boards.