The boards with a higher class of steadiness and strength is only one well known board i.e AAKRUTI’s boards. Particle board of AAKRUTI has entered in Indian market with a bang, as the company is not making any compromise with quality and service.

Our particle boards are very versatile and can be used for all types of interior application. We manufacture best quality of Plain as well as Pre-Laminated Particle boards, especially to suit costumer’s various requirements. Our board are the best boards in today’s market.

Our expertise and international technology enables us to cater more than 150 designs with best of its quality. While the sophisticated automatic machinery makes the strong bondage between the Eco-friendly wooden chips and powerful adhesion of Resin, making our board far superior than those available in market.

Product Ranges

  • Type: Wood based Plain & Pre-Lam Particle Boards
  • Size:  8 ft x 4 ft
  • Thickness: 8mm, 9mm, 11mm, 17mm, 25mm, 30mm.
  • Finish: Suede, Matt, Glossy and Textured.

Advantages of our particle board

  • Light weight and easily movable.
  • Very low costing
  • Easy to clean and maintain.
  • Consistent quality.
  • Adherence to international standard.
  • Economic board size resulting in minimal wastage.
  • Excellent acoustic properties.
  • High bending strength.
  • Excellent machinability.
  • Saves both time and labor.
  • The widest spectrum of applications.
  • Free from warp age and peeling of laminates.
  • Easy-to-install.
  • Ready-to-use.

Application of Particle Board

  • Building and Construction
    Panel doors and flush doors, Flooring, Partitioning, Wall paneling, False ceiling, Exhibitions and many more…
  • Industrial
    Television, Speaker boxes, Sewing machine tops, Display Board, Blackboard, Automobiles and all other products which require furnishing, platform and covering from side, top and bottom and many more…
  • Furniture
    Cabinets, Storage units, Wall unit, Wardrobe, Kitchen cabinet, Book shelf, Audio-Video trolley, Dressing unit, Tables, Table tops, Sofa set, Shoe rack, Pelmets, Cots, Computer table, Workstations, Filing unit, Desks, Stools, Benches and many more…